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The Diamond Hunters
Wilbur SmithPan Books1
The Diamond King
Patricia PotterJove Books1
The Diamond Smuggler
Michael NewlandMacmillan1
The Director's Cut
Nicholas RoyleAbacus1
The Director's Cut
Lis HowellCoronet Books1
The Dog Show
June CrebbingCambridge1
The Dolphin Chase
William MurrayLadybird Books1
The Door
Mary Roberts RinehartMayflower1
The Double Bass Mystery
Jeremy HarmerCambridge1
The Dragon's Mouth
Laselle GilmanWilliam Sloane Associates1
The Dream
Norman WymerUniversity of London Press Ltd1
The Drunken Forest
Gerald DurrellPenguin1
The Dying Of The Light
Michael DibdinFaber & Faber1
The Eagle of the Ninth
Rosemary SutcliffOxford3
The Eagle of the Ninth
Rosemary SutcliffOxford1
The Ebony Swan
Phyllis A. WhitneyFawcett1
The Economics Of Everyday Life
Gertrude WilliamsPenguin1
The Echo
Minette WaltersPan Books1
The Edge
Dick FrancisPenguin1
The Eggchild
Lorna BaxterFaber & Faber1
The Elements Of Indirect Speech
Donn ByrneLongman1
The Eleventh Commandment
Jeffrey ArcherHarpercollins1
The Elizabethan House Of Commons
J. E. NealePenguin1
The Elt Manager's Handbook
Graham ImpeyHeinemann1
The Emperors New Clothes
Hans AndersenLongman1
The Empty House
C. CarverOxford1
The Empty House
C. CarverOxford1
The Enemy
Desmond BagleyOxford1
The English Language An Introduction For Teachers
Fred BrengelmanPrentice Hall1
The English Patient
Michael OndaatjePicador1
The English Short Story I
T. O. BeachcroftThe British Council1
The English Short Story Ii
T. O. BeachcroftThe British Council1
The English Sonnet
Patrick CruttwellThe British Council1
The English Verb In Context
J. G. BrutonCambridge1
The English Year
Geoffrey GrigsonOxford1
The Entertainer
John OsborneFaber Paperbacks1
The Essence Of Précis
A. HossackMethuen 1
The Essential
Ernest HemingwayGranada1
The Exhibitionist
Henry SuttonFawcett1
The Express Picture Dictionary
Elizabeth GrayExpress Publishing1
The Express Picture Dictionary For Young Learners
Elizabeth GrayExpress Publishing1
The Eyes of Montezuma
Stephen RableyOxford1
The Faber Book Of Modern Verse
Michael RobertsFaber & Faber1
The Faber Book Of Twentieth Century Verse
John Heath-stubbsFaber & Faber1
The Face Of A Stranger
Anne PerryFawcett1
The Face on the Screen and other short stories
Paul VictorLongman1
The Face on the Screen and other short stories
Paul VictorLongman2
The Face on the Screen and other short stories
Paul VictorLongman1
The Faithful Ghost and Other Tall Tales
Bill BowlerOxford1
The Fallen Man
Tony HillermanPenguin1
The Family
Leslie WallerMayflower1
The Family And Marriage In Britain
Ronald FletcherPenguin1
The Fan Club
Irving WallaceSimon And Schuster1
The Fancy Dancer
Patricia Nell WarrenWildcat Press1
The Fantastic Island Doc Savage
Kenneth RobesonBantam Books1
The Farm
Louis BromfieldGrosset & Dunlap1
The Fiery Cross
Diana GabaldonArrow Books1
The Fight For Life
Paul De KruifHarcourt, Brace And Company1
The Fire
C. CarverOxford1
The Firebirds
W. C. H. ChalkBooster Books1
The Firm
John GrishamPearson Longman1
The Firm
John GrishamPearson Longman4
The Firm
John GrishamPenguin1
The First Man In Rome
Colleen McculloughAvon Books1
The First Men In The Moon
H. G. WellsLongman1
The Flying Spy
Alwyn CoxLongman1
The Forest
Edward RutherfurdBallantine Books1
The Forger
Robert ONeillLongman1
The Forger
Robert O'neillLongman1
The Forger
Robert O'neillLongman1
The Forger
Robert ONeillLongman2
The Forget-me-not Sonata
Santa MontefioreCoronet Books1
The Forsyte Saga
John GalsworthyThe Reprint Society1
The Four Just Men
Edgar WallacePan Books1
The Fourth Dimension
Robert OneillLongman1
The Fourth Dimension
Patricia MugglestoneLongman1
The Fourth Estate
Jeffrey ArcherHarpercollins1
The Fox and the Dog
H. Q. Mitchellmmpublications1
The French Lieutenant's Woman
John FowlesSignet Book1
The Frog And The Cocodile
The Frog Princess
Jenny DooleyExpress Publishing1
The Functional-notional Approach
Mary FinocchiaroOxford University Press1
The Future
R. A. CloseLongman2
The Future Of Work And Leisure
Stanley ParkerPaladin1
The Garden Party
Katherine MansfieldPenguin1
The Garder
Elizabeth LairdHeinemann1
The Gate Of Angels
Penelope FitzgeraldFlamingo1
The General
Alan SillitoePan Books1
The General's Daughter
Nelson DemilleWarner Books1
The Georgians At Home
Elizabeth BurtonArrow Books1
The Ghost
Jenny DooleyExpress Publishing2
The Ghost of Beestley Zoo
Southgate St. JamesMacmillan1
The Giant Book Of Insults
Louis A. SafianCastle Books1
The Giant Who Lost His Voice
Margaret ThomasHarrap1
The Gift Relationship
Richard M. TitmussPenguin1
The Glass Castle
Violet WinspearMills & Boon Limited1
The Glass Lake
Maeve BinchyOrion Books1
The Go Between
L. P. HartleyPenguin1
The Go-between
L. P. HartleyLongman1
The Go-between
L. P. HartleyLongman1